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Online Thinking Games
  Maneuver Thinking Game
Rating :
Maneuver is a fast Thinking Game. You need to remove the tiles by stepping over them as fast as pos ...
  Neat Hit
Rating :
Neat Hit is a great puzzle game, where you need to use your best pointing angle skills to win.
Rating :
Famous bricks game. Use your paddle to bounce the ball into the bricks, smashing them, and collectin ...
  Arrow 2003
Rating :
It's the most simple made game that requires most patient from you. It's so challenging, that you ar ...
  Bongo Balls
Rating :
The monkey needs to complete a chain of 3 or more to win points. ZOOMA style.
  Blob Wars
Rating :
It's so addicting, that you will come back to play it tomorrow too. Blob wars - dominate the board!
Rating :
You are about to save the Mediterranean sea. Use your mouse to move the submarine towards the hole ...
  1 Up
Rating :
This old fashion game will test how quick your eyes can move. You will need to find the little mushr ...
  Color Trap
Rating :
Color Trap checks your cognitive abilities. Click the name of the COLOR of the word shown. Keep on ...
  Arithmetic Game
Rating :
Arithmetic Game will test your basic mathematics. Just pick the correct numbers to complete the equa ...
  Animation Puzzle
Rating :
Animation Puzzle is a cool visual memory game. You need to arrange the tiles, so that the animation ...
  Click The Color
Rating :
Click The Color is a fast thinking game, which all you need to do is click the color of the word! (a ...
Rating :
SuPuzzle is a simple but great thinking game. All you need to do, is to connect all three houses to ...
  Play Online Rummy
Rating :
Play online Rummy and have fun! Rummy is the 3rd social game worldwide, where you need to use your t ...
Rating :
Visible is an addictive game without saying anything further. Try and see.
  Map Making
Rating :
Map making is a geographic memory game. Choose a country and fit in the cities into the right place. ...
Rating :
Snipe is simple and nice game, where your aim is to deflect the colored balls towards their respecti ...
  Game for Money
Rating :
Game for Money is One of my favorite "cashflow" game alike. If your dream is to be rich, then this e ...
  XO Wars
Rating :
XO in tic tac too war game. The war between the X and the O has started, and you are right in the mi ...
Rating :
Dicemogul is a monopoly game style, where you need to buy real estate as much as you can afford and ...
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