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Seven ways to increase your brain power

Date :October 16, 2008

1. What are the seven ways to increase your brain power according to Dr. Mercola?

a. Exercising to increase oxygen and blood flow to brain (helps thinking clearly and sharper) It also help to promote the growth of brain cells.
b. Going outside constantly, specially in daytime (Exposing to different wave lines)
c. Get a good night sleep between 6-8hrs (sweet spot) People who get less than 6 hours sleeping are getting a high tendency for getting diabetes.
d. Stay away from processed food because it increase cerebral diseases. We need to eat more fresh, more organic food to be able to avoid health problems.
e. Improve the fat ingestion because most of the brain is fat (like 60%) To eat a high quantity of fish oil every day will help your brain.
f. Keep the brain active with memory games would help to keep brain maintained sharp and prevent diseases.
g. Implement imaginative visualization techniques to Improve memory and motivation. (Emotional freedom techniques).