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10 Quick Tips to Improve Your Memory

Date :June 30, 2010

1. Start with small steps: Generally while you start learning or memorizing anything you start doing it as a whole. This makes the job much more tedious than it is. Thus, if you cut down the part to be memorized into smaller sections then you might be able to memorize it quite easily.
Also, while doing your day-to-day chores, you try and remember everything at a stretch. This should be avoided and you should go for remembering smaller parts of the while incident. This makes remembering anything an extremely easy task.

2. Associate (event, time or place): Associating things to be remembered with something that you can never forget, helps a great deal. You can associate the things to be remembered with almost anything. Like if you want to go home and share a joke that occurred at your working place with your dear ones, then you can associate it to the time that all of you are together and easily recall it.

3. Find out similarity: This might be a part of association itself. Even while learning words, you should find its similarities. This makes it easier for you to sort all the similar things in to the same group and remember them. This might help you a great deal if you are a working individual. In this manner, you can keep your professional and private life separate. Just categorize it into groups.


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