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It is about your memory

Date :June 20, 2008

Hi There,

Sometimes we try to remember where the he** did we put the car keys... and we cannot find it!

Well, it is about time to do something with our memory. Human memory brain, just as car engine, needs to have maintenance periodically. We want our memory to run in good shape when when aging, for our own sake. Ask elderly, what they are doing to maintain their memory? use their answer and act today.

How can you train your memory?

Simple, act in a matter that stimulate your memory. Think and USE IT OFTEN.

For example:

1. Play memory games.

2. Play thinking games.

3. Play sudoku.

4. Play online think games.

5. Play puzzles.

6. Read books.

7. Eat correctly, no alcohol or drugs.

8. Play logic puzzles.

9. Play crosswords.

10. Play skill games.

11. Confront with brain teasers.

12. Try to answer hard riddles.

13. Play board games with friends.

14. Participate in profound conversations.

OK, the list can go on and on, we hope you got the idea.

Luckily, on this site, you may find some of the above options to use. The best part of it is while your brain is working, you play and have fun for FREE!


Yours, team